the Oil mill

Extra virgin olive oil

Oviculture is the specialty of our farm. The various phases, from the olive harvest to the milling to the bottling and packaging, take place within our company in our oil mill.

The type of harvesting, grinding and the blend of two wonderful varieties of olives, Leccina and Favolosa, give the oil a golden color with emerald green reflections, a sweet, fine taste and a slightly spicy aftertaste.

The olives are picked directly from the tree, without them touching the ground , and cold pressed whitin a few hours of harvest.
Its lightness and low acidity are the characteristics that make it a prized extra virgin oil with an authentic flavour a sweet to a slightly spicy after taste.

La Fattoria extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively with olives from our farm, whose lands extend in the area of Otranto (LE).

> Direct Sale without intermediaries

> From producer to consumer

> 100% Italian oil

> Cold pressed

The extra virgin olive oil, due to its nutritional characteristics, is the main food for a correct diet, capable of improving health conditions. In fact, raw or heated, this is the most suitable fat for food, not only for its aroma and flavour, but also for all its properties. In particular, its acidic composition with a predominance of monounsaturated fatty acids and a perfect balance of polyunsaturated fats, its content of vitamin E, protovitamin A and antioxidants, have a protective and beneficial effect on our health.

In fact, the oil defends the body from skin alterations, digestive disorders and cellular aging phenomena and helps to improve the well-being of the body and the quality of life. Preserving it from chemical residues becomes an obligation.

A diet rich in animal fats increases the amount of cholesterol in the blood, one of the main risk factors in cardiovascular disease. Vegetable oils, on the other hand, have a protective action.

It can rightly be said that extra virgin olive oil in particular has greater beneficial effects than other vegetable oils. Not only for its peculiarities, but also because extra virgin olive oil is the only oil produced by simply pressing and crushing the fruit, without further chemical-physical manipulations (it could in fact be said that olive oil -quality- is the true and perhaps only “juice-of-fruit”).

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