natural farming

“La Fattoria” farm of  Merico Luigi covers an approximate area of 30 hectares of land which is cultivated with olive groves, cereals and vegetables. We have chosen to produce in the most natural way, without the use of chemical substances. In our products you will find the love and passion of times gone by. The vast breeding farm includes cattle, pigs and poultry.

The farm and agritourism “La Fattoria” is also specialized in olive growing. It is possible to taste and buy our oil directly on the farm or you can contact us by email to receive a quote and possibly request home delivery by courier.


from producer to consumer

In addition to olive oil, the products that can be found on the farm are those grown in our garden: fruit, vegetables, vegetables… which are used to prepare our typical dishes. Then there is a huge variety of cheeses, jams, digestives such as limoncello, wild orange, myrtle, basil, olive tree and many others…home made.


passion and love for nature

Cattle, pigs and farmyard animals are raised on the farm. You must also visit our mini-zoo where you can find: ponies, donkeys, horses, Tibetan goats, rabbits, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, pheasants, peacocks, ostriches, deer and many others.
The animals live in a suitable and natural environment, in large spaces, fed with hay and grains, coming almost entirely directly from the farm’s crops. The animals provide milk for the cheeses and meat of the highest quality, nutritious and organoleptic.